Knife Throwing

Just Knife Throwing for Those Closet Ninjas

What is included?

You will need: Closed footwear (no flip-flops or open toe shoes/sandals) trainers or boots are ideal, comfy clothing that is not too loose, no hanging jewellery.

We will provide: All of your equipment, free tea and coffee, reasonably priced refreshment and well maintained facilities.

Some highlights from your session include:

  • Expert instructors are there to help improve your throw and ensure everyone is safe
  • Our knives are custom made for the best experience
  • We allow a maximum of 2 people per throwing lane so you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your technique
  • Enjoy the beautiful woodland scenery while you learn

What is Knife Throwing?

A more focused version of our Combined Arms Throwing Experience, our Knife Throwing Experience gives you the chance to concentrate on just one of the throwing tools we offer. Our experienced instructors will be there to help you every step of the way and ensure everyone is throwing safely.

We’ve all seen the stage acts throwing knives at glamorous assistants as they spin around. Well, we can’t offer you that but we can let you throw towards a variety of targets with our custom-made throwing knives!

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