Axe Throwing

Try your hand at this one...

Try your hand at the awesome and ancient sport of Axe Throwing with this experience based in Lincolnshire. You’ll test your aim, accuracy and strength to the limit as you get to grips with this highly enjoyable sport. Unleash your inner warrior and have some fun!

Your experienced instructor will welcome you to the axe throwing range, based in Lincoln. You will first be given a safety briefing for the range and an introduction of the equipment and safe use. The experience is suitable for complete novices and more experienced axe throwers alike as your instructor will be on hand throughout, helping you improve your technique, hit the bulls eye and have an awesome day out!

The session will start using an ‘angel’ tomahawk.

Angels are an excellent starting thrower, because the double-headed axe wings, plus the point, means that there are more points to strike the target, and more of the angel’s overall rotation has a point directed towards the target. Overall, they’re more forgiving than knives, and that means it’s easier to make them stick. And when they do stick, that means it’s easier to see how much they’ve rotated during the throw, so it’s easier to correct your throwing distance.
The second half of your experience we move on to the long handled tomahawk and thrown from a greater distance. Long handles and single bladed, just like an axe but designed for throwing, rather than ‘chopping’.

Towards the end of the session, you will take part in a competition to find out who will be crowned the ultimate warrior in your group.


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