Archery Tag

A mix of Dodge ball, archery and paintball

Archery tag is a sport which takes inspiration from professional archery. It is a mix of Dodge ball, archery and paintball. Using a special bow and arrows which are specially designed with a foam tip.

The game involves 2 teams from 4 to 8 players on each side. Each team has 4 targets to shoot and inflatable barriers to hide behind and use for cover. The game is played on a purposely designed grass area. Depending on the size of the group will depend on which arena we play on.

The playing field is Split in 3 areas: a playing area for each team and a safe area in between of them. In the safe area the arrows will be placed and players who get inside will not be able to shoot or get shot. The match will start with each team placed in opposite ends of the field, and they will have to run to the safe area to grab as many arrows as they can.

The archery combat goal is to score more points than the opposing team. To achieve that, both teams will be firing arrows to their corresponding targets or even to the opposing team players. Players will get points as following:

  • 2 points for whoever is able to take down a target
  • 2 points if a player catches an arrow shot by the other team while it is still flying. In that case, the person who shot the arrow is eliminated and one of yours is brought back
  • 1 point if they hit a player from the other team. Moreover, the player who got shot will be eliminated.


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