2 Hour Paintball Session

A 2 Hour Paintball Blast

What is included in the 2 hour session?

As with all of our events you get free tea and coffee on site as well as fresh water from a drinking fountain. Included in your inclusive session is also:

  • A minimum of four different games and more if you have quick players (we keep going until your 2 hour slot is over)
  • A minimum of 4 different game play objectives and 2 different paintball maps so you experience every side to paintball
  • You get 400 paintballs included in the package and can buy more if you want to shoot more than the average paintballer
  • All of your equipment, including body armour, camouflage overalls, a hood and a anti-fog mask
  • A standard paintball marker with great range and power
  • Your own marshal to talk you through everything and make sure you have a great experience – they are with them every step of the session

What is Combat Zone Paintball Like?

Many of our games are designed around the “Call of Duty” experience. Our fields have electronic domination boxes, reactive pressure pads and much more. We play games such as team death match, domination, and headquarters.

This adrenaline fuelled experience leaves nothing out. Expect no compromise because we don’t. If in doubt then simply read our reviews!

Our 2 hour paintball sessions will run on any day providing we have a minimum of 4 players in total.

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